School education closed now, what?

School education closed:

School education

If you are student than of course you are feeling sad because of school education closing it's makes you unhappy, but still if you want to learn at home than this article helpful for you a lot.
Today I going to tell you best three site who is providing free online education without any cost and you don't need to pay for anything, due to covid-19 virus which major cause of education crashed system.

Let's start:

  1. #byjus one of the largest platform for education. Raveendran is the founder of byjus in 2011 is become India biggest online education platform, byjus provides education for free due to covid-19 in India without any cost it means you don't need pay for their premium subscription. Byjus teachers are well qualified if you are thinking to prepare for JEE and IAS than it's helpful for you because byjus is training for both courses.
  2. #Topper who is India biggest platform for online education this site provides video classes with their live classes.  The support team of topper are too good it can answer your doubt question at 3-Am morning. Topper is leading platform for online education as byjus topper is also training student for JEE and IAS competitive exams.
  3. #khan academy one my favorite online education platform to learn, its a world largest education platform and Khan academy is award-winning online education site. At khan academy you can learn about anything, if you are coding lover than it can help you to learn a lot. Khan academy gives classes for primary classes also as well as higher education at free of cost.
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