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Selena Gomez, an overview about her life:

Selena gomez biography
Selena is an American celebrity, she is an American singer, composer, producer.
She got her first show with two year run, on the kid's show "Barney & friend's", but she received a wider recognization for her portrayal of Alex Russo on the emmy award winning Disney channel television series, "wizards of Waverly place, which broadcast from 2007 to 2012..

Gomez is a doughter of Mandy teefy and Ricardo gomez her mother is a part of Italian ancestry and gomez father is Mexican descent.

Her Bio data:

Full name - selena Marie gomez
Birth.         - July 22, 1992
Occupation- singer, composer, producer, song writer
Net worth - $75 millions

Gomez first album:

Selena Marie gomez first album released on 2009, with her own band called "selena gomez & the scene", who was ranked as a #9 on the billboard 200 album chart's, later her another two albums released the first one is (hotel Transylvania) in 2012 and second (Breakers) in 2013. Her albums were launched with monte Carlo in 2011 with her band.

Why she is too much popular:

Selena Marie gomez named after the popular singer Quitanill-perez death, she was very inspired by her mother and she tried out for a role of children television show PBS in the series Barney & Barney she works very well as a result, Selena started to appeared regularly on the program in 2002-2004, after making her big-screen debut in the film spy kids 3-d which was a family movie and game over (2003) she auditioned for Disney channel as a result she got Chance to led a guest spot on the tv series. The suit life of zanck and Cody in 2007 Gomez cast for Alex Russo, who a mischievous tomboy with some magical powers, she also sung a song for her show eventually its become instantly big hit in the industry.

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