Danielle cohn, biography, Age, height-weight, body measurements and more...

Danielle Cohn

Danielle cohn, biography...

Quick overview

BornMarch 7, 2006
height4 ft. 11 inches
in relationship withMikey tua
Hello guy's, Today we are going to read about the famous and one of the most notable person of America. taking about her she is an fashion influencer as well as social media influencer's.

Danielle was born in Florida the city of America, she was born in March 7, 2004. her full name is Danielle haleigh cohn. Danielle was too small, when she started bring interest about music in her mind. she always encouraged by her parents, got a special passion by her parents. her parents always encouraged her to make good profile.

Danielle Cohnshe is one of the most notable social media influencer's, she is an American musical.ly star, Danielle has overall 4 millions followers with 1.48 YouTube subscriber on her YouTube channel. Danielle cohn, is two times winner of beauty pageant.

Life story

in a young age, Danielle started to take classes of music. talking about her education, her first school is "Christan private school" and she is currently in high school. her mother name is Jennifer cohn, who always encourage her to make something big in the life she is the princess of her mother. she has a brother chad cohn who encourage Danielle to beauty pageants.

what makes her famous...

Danielle cohn mainly known for mainly known for her tiktok videos and as a social influencer's. she has YouTube channel which is also popular with 1.48 millions followers of her channel. most of the time Danielle uploads prank videos on her channel but title of videos doesn't matter for her. we can say she is an online media star with millions of followers. well she is two times winner of beauty pageant, for this her brother Chad cohn accompanies her to beauty peageants. after beauty, Danielle attended national modelling competition in California. she is an notable personality on Instagram with approx 4 millions of followers of her Instagram profile. her first single Marilyn Monroe released on 2017. talking about her relationship, Danielle is currently in relationship with Mikel tua, he is an American actor. it is interested to read about her relationship, which is changed in 2 years before dating Mikey tua she was in relationship with Sebastian topete and Owen badnar.

some unknown fact's about Danielle cohn..

  • currently relationship with Mikey tua
  • Danielle first music debut, with Marilyn Monroe in 2017
  • she had 14 millions followers on tiktok
  • 1.4 millions subscriber of YouTube channel
  • two times winner of beauty peageant
  • she attended national modeling competition in California.

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