How to increase intelligence as Tony Stark

What can I do to think like Tony Stark?

Tony Stark

 want to become smarter and intelligent like Mr. Stark, if yes then you are at the right place. Today I am going to tell 12 powerful proven tips that can help you build a powerful mind, these tips will help you in improving your memory, Life, brain, and intelligence. So, let's start.

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The first step to becoming smarter is reading more, this habit will help you not an only to become smart intelligent & but also in getting knowledge. Reading more things will help you take your single-handed life experience to a whole different level. There are so many things that can you read, reading is a weapon of knowledge without this weapon you can't do anything in your life. Just take a daily example, where everyone will advise you to read more, like businessmen, celebrities, your teachers and your parents. Every smart people will use to read books because that is the, daily t habit that will help you to build an intelligent mind, reading books is a way to open creativity in inside your mind. To think creatively you need to read, "without books you are nothing".

But the question is what to read which book is best for you, there are a lot of books which is recommended by genius minds

Books recommended by Elon musk inventions, man...

In terms of sci-fi, books musk recommend

  1. Foundation series- by Isaac Asimov
  2. The moon is a harsh mistress and stranger in a strange land- by Robert Heinlein

Other reading recommendation:

  1. The Lord of the reading rings-By J.R.R Tolkien
  2. Benjamin Franklin: An American Life- by Walter Isaacson
  3. Einstein: his life and universe- by Isaacson
  4. Howard hugs his life and madness- by Donald L. Barlett and James B. Steele
  5. Superintelligence: paths, danger, strategies- by Nick Bostrom

Books recommended by business tycoon "bill gates"

  1. A full life- by Jimmy Carter
  2. A bully pulpit- by Doris Kearns Goodwin
  3. Homo deus- by Yuval Noah harari
  4. Sapiens- by Yuval Noah harari
  5. Enlightenment-steven Pinker

Some books recommend by "Jeff Bezos"

  1. Built to last: successful habits of visionary companies- by Jim Collins and Jerry Porras
  2. Memos from the chairman- by Alan C. Greenberg
  3. Sam Walton: Made in America- sam Walton
  4. The black swan: the impact of highly improbable-Nasim Nicholas Taleb
  5. Creation: life and how to make it- Steve Grand

Create a daily time table:

SLS lifestyle

One thing that you need to do before doing anything is "make your time table wisely" this is a another mantra of success, every successful do this and you should too need to implement time table in your life. But it's hard to maintain time table, we are living in an online world where our main focus is on online activities, for example, if you are reading according to your time table management but you receive a WhatsApp, mail and other messages your main focus changed from books to mobile phone. It happens almost with everyone not only with you. So to make a better time table you need to make a list of your daily activities, give them priorities according to their importance note down your priorities into a notebook, give them time as per their importance and don't forget to write relaxation time.

Repeat your learning:

Try to repeat your learning and remembering them several times to make your brain memory, Fill with knowledge. We know forebrain is a thinking part of Brain that is why I am advising you to recall your daily activities into your brain which helps you to get a sharper Brain mind. So it is important to recall daily activities into a brain to get your brain stored properly with your learning knowledge.

Play puzzle games, brain games:

There are a lot of puzzles and brain games that you can download from Google play store, AppStore. Brain game says that these games help people to build their cognitive ability. Most of the brain game publisher companies suggest that their games are developed as per neuroscientist guidelines that help people to reap the benefits of their research.

Swingers lifestyle

There are lots of downloads and reviews about brain games on play store, most of the review of people suggest to use brain and puzzle games to boost their memory power.

brain games app, Brain games for students:

  1. Brain out-can you pass it? This game has more than 100 million, only play store download
  2. Brain test: tricky puzzles with more than 50+ million downloads on Google app store.
  3. Logic master 1 - mind twist, 10+ million downloads on Google play store

I hope these brain games episodes apps, will help you to boost your intelligence.

Do regular exercise:

It is good to implement daily exercise habit in your lifestyle, Going Jim will help you to build your mind sharper and smarter. Because in "healthy mind lives, in a healthy body". 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise will help you to boost your mental clarity and intelligence. According to researchers getting more blood and oxygen will boost your cognitive health. Biological research says that not an exercise but multitasking and brain booster gaming will also work as exercise and it stimulates multiple areas of your brain.

Playing and listening to musical instruments:

Music everyone loves it right, but do your music has a lot of power. I mean its helps you to build your damaged brain signals. It can help you boost your memory and recognization power, so listening to a little bit of music every day is really good for your health and your lifestyle. Music that can bring a lot of changes in life, it means it helps you come out from difficult situations and your sad life. 

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