how to keep your girlfriend happy in a long distance relationship

Is your girlfriend, proportional to your life?


Long distance relationship is possible, but how to make it this question arrives most of the time in your mind. Well we are going to read about it in deeply, you will get answer of your question, what to do keep your girlfriend happy with you.

Most of the fails to bring a healthy love with partner, i mean they doesn't know what to do to build a good relationship. Do you before making a beautiful and designer building architecture's makes, a blueprint to make building stable, they know how much load can a building take or not, they know how to make it's as a allury(attractive). Probably, why I am telling you about architecture's and building, I am telling this things because relationship is like building, to make it stable you need to make it's blueprint, that means what your partner Love's what doesn't.

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Few things to build beautiful Relationship

  1. #Fill up Communication gap
  2. #Create relationship goals (together)
  3. #trust each other
  4. #do online chatting
  5. #give Surprising gifts
  6. #watch movie or TV shows(together)
  7. #laugh together
  8. #use word "good night", "good morning,"

lets talk about it in deeply

#Communication gap

Filling up communication Gap is, one of the major factor so you cannot avoid. Many people's doesn't invest more time in communication, as a result their they cannot make each other happy. My advise is to do invest time with life partner, talk about her like dislikes. Talk about her hobbies, what she loves to do what she doesn't. A simple talk can make your life awesome and happy.

#create relationship goals (together)

Creating relationship goals, can make your life wow with her. for this you just need to do that, Sitting up with and make a plan together. Why you both want to make long distance relationship, most people's plans it like celebrities. You need to learn from celebrity why they are making relationship goals. If you are in living relationship than you can make a goal of wedding, children's and a good lifestyle that you both want.

#trust each other

trust is worthy, without this nothing can happen in this. trusting each other believing each other can make this world happy. That's why you both need to trust, believe each other without this you cannot make your life healthy and happy. If you are not trusting each other than my advice is start trusting, but not in a excessive rate. Avoid such people's who are broking your trust on her.

#do online chatting

Invest your Time in chatting, currently all of the people are doing this. It's helpful for you and your life partner. Do simple chatting like "hey or hello" "what are you doing" "how are you feeling". This are the famous words that we use in chatting and it's to bring life awesome and wow with full happiness.

#give surprising gift's

small surprise, makes big changes in love and relationship. Everyone Love's it, giving a surprise gifts like party, holiday plan, vacation etc. your Love's it if you give her some surprising gift's. It's makes a small boring relationship in lovely, spicy. You need to try it, gives her surprise sometimes.

#watching movie or TV shows

Spend some couple of time together, while watching movie or shows. Ask her Which channels or show's she wants to watch. What she likes to watch and she doesn't. Remember one thing while watching TV shows, do some funs like a children's. I mean do some little bit of naughty fighting because of remote tv shows.

#laugh together

Laughing is factor by which you can win the world, by laughing you can your life happy with full of loves. Laugh together with your mentor can make your relationship stronger. It's makes a trust. Keep laughing with your partner,. It doesn't matter in which you are. Do something naughty which makes smile on her face.

#use Words "good night or good morning"

This are usually use words, we use in our daily life. But some of couple doesn't do this, this are the basic that everyone Love's it. While chatting video call. When you send "good morning or good night" messages it's bring smile on her face. If you both live in different countries while chatting use this Words, it's really helps you to make good relationship.

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