why life attachment will make you forget about everything

is your life is proportional to someone life?

Relationship makes everything

why life attachment will forget everything, it's happened almost with every people. we are the human that's why we get attached easily with people, it doesn't matter who is they are. it's like a physics theory like charges repel and unlikely charges attractive, we know it's a hypothetical answer but it's valid for current right. if you are thinking why I am telling you about physics and charges, it's matters almost this theory we can apply in real-life cases. when we meet new people after a few conversations with her or him leave a shadow of attachment, which means we attract towards her or him. can I ask you one question, we attract just towards him or her. what is your answer, most people say not every single life attracts towards others, it's didn't matter just him or her.
we can attract towards like food, animals, girls can attract toward boy's, boy's attraction towards girls. but this attraction has resulted in it forget you everything like if you are feeling lonely, sad, disturb, busy, life attachment will make you forget everything. sometimes it's good and sometimes not, it depends on you and your situation.
Let's read about the factor of attraction(which makes an unforgettable relationship)
  1. # Reason, the attraction of boys towards girls.
  2. # Reason, the attraction of girls towards boys.
  3. # attraction towards the animal.
  4. # food's, why we attract towards it.
This is the few, reason which makes an unforgettable relationship towards itself and makes you forget everything. Well, we are going to discuss, it deeply one by one, so let's start.

# factor's that attract a boy's towards girls.

The smell, of woman scents:

The study, says that women with certain scents attract more guys towards herself. It's by which boy's attachment towards girls, girls with her scent leave a footprint of herself on a boy's mind. It's happened almost with all people who can feel scents of feelings.

The biological reason, of attraction:

Boy's with more hormones (testosterone) feel more attention, towards girls. This kind of situation happens mostly in teenagers, who feel more hormones. Testosterone and female hormones both play a big roll in human life.

Physical touch:

Physical touch, leave a footprint of Love.
It's a reason for the relationship between man and woman, an unforgettable relationship. the physical touch of woman attract men on herself.

#Reason, behind girls attraction towards boys:

Boy's personality:

Boy's personality depends to attract a girl on himself right, Yes it's a good reason. Most of the girls like good personality boys, does it's makes a sense of relationship, yep it's made. Good looking personality, with a good looking body most of girls like this.

Intelligent boys:

Boy's with more intelligence, make an attraction of girls on himself. Every girl wants to have a boyfriend with higher intelligence and education. Currently, in modern situation girls like a boy's just because of his intelligence, it doesn't matter his face, body style for herself.
Why we attracted towards animal:
When we are feeling lonely and sad, the animal makes a friendly relationship with us. We are human beings, we love animals and playing with animals. Animals like a friend or more than friends, when they also become sad. Just of the friendly relationship of humans with animals. 

Foods, you love it right? But about relationships with foods:

Foods, we love eating foods different dishes from different countries. We love to go on vacation and trying different dishes, research says that people make a relationship with food much faster than others. It helps us to make a relationship with different towns and different cities or countries, a friendly connection with food is the unbroken relationship. Most people love eating while when they are disturbed, sad, anger, stressed. It makes an attachment an unforgettable attachment.
Hope you like this article, life attachment will make you forget about everything.

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