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love is life

hey friends so one thing that I've been asked about a lot is what I'm doing right now to strengthen categorize keep track of my relationships and is there anything that we can do to stay connected while social distancing and the answer is yes in fact I wanted to doa hashtag with my article so you can see exactly what I do to organize my relationships and maybe you do this for yourself all right let's get started one thing that I've been trying to spend a lot of time on is managing my relationships purposefully I very rarely have this time where I'm not traveling and I'm home and able to take stock in stocking some of my relationships and I wanted to share exactly what I'm doing as I stay at home so you can see how I'm doing this and maybe even do it for yourself very simply I want you to start a spreadsheet and this is gonna be your relationship management spreadsheet.
you're welcome to add to this modify this change this but hopefully, this gives you a starting point the very first thing I like to do is actually add three different sheets to my spreadsheet the first one is for your inner circle these are the people who you are closest with the people that you think about daily if not hourly basis they're the people who you want to really feel like you can be your true self with that's your inner circle your outer circle are the people who you think about regularly but you don't see daily maybe even not weekly they can be business connections they can be more distant friends they can be colleagues there are people in your life who are apart of your weekly if not monthly life and you want them to continue to be apart of your life.

love is life

The last tab is the most important this is for your relationship goals and this could be with specific people specific  that you want to level up with it could also be a type of person so I'll talk about this last but first I want to start with our inner circle so I just wanted to give you an idea this is an excerpt of mine is long I have lots of people in each of these tabs thought I would just give you a little snapshot so in my inner circle I have my husband first and right now when I'm at home I want to make sure that I am spending purposeful time with him one thing I realized it was happening was all we were doing was talking about logistics the business our daughterSienna and I realized I want to have more purposeful time with him so the action is to have more us time from 9:00to 10:00 p.m. and I've got to add this is we are doing all 36 deep questions to fall in love so Arthur Aaron developed 36 questions to fall in love and my husband and I have done them a couple of years ago but we haven't done them recently and so I'm I forgot we were I think we're on number 14 and we've been doing one a day so that's my other action with Scott the next person on here very important is my daughterSienna she is a year and a half old and I realized that I have this precious time to be able to save her with her it's also very hard because we are doing a lot more parenting with a lot less help but I realize that I can save her this better with her if I do little mandates with her where we do a specific skill so painting or gardening I just got her a little gardening kit and we have little gardening dates and I felt this helps me not only be purposeful but look forward to my time with her because we're doing a new activity or a tradition activity that she likes and I like that I also put on here my two closest colleagues so Alison and Rob are on our team thanks Alison and Rob if you guys are watching and because we're all on a team together it's my goal to keep it positive and to also build more personal connections with them since I'm not seeing them in the office I have to work and making sure that we'redoing that and so we've done is now we have virtual team calls on Mondays and we also have positive team check-ins on chat sending gifts sending update sending weekend plans sending board games and that's been so nice to not only keep it positive but also build more connections and this is my best friend Dana and during this time I want us to be regular support for each other and dive down with the vulnerable stuff I feel comfortable sharing with her and I know that she does too and so we've been trying to text daily which I've never done with a friend before actually texting daily sending gifts sending emotional updates being okay with that I usually try to make everything cheerful I try to make everything okay but with Dana, I'm trying to tell her exactly where I'm at and do that regularly and it's been such a relief in my outer circle again this is an areally long list and my big relationship management document I just have a little excerpt for you here I have all of the professional relationships in my life virtual and in-person that really matter to me and so what I decided to do in this period is three of my close business friends Charlie Gilkey nearIsle and Michelle Poehler hi if you're rewatching I love them and I thought you know what there's no better time to get together there with my fellow teachers and authors mum charlie NIR and Michelle are all amazing authors and writers and teachers and to teach together so Charlie and I are doing a couples workshop together how to work with your couple work with your partner at work at home near and I are doing one for parents and Michelle and I are doing one on online visits and online courses and taking that step made me feel like I was taking action was empowering myself during this time and the last tab here is relationship goals so I have two relationship goals right now one is to find a mentor specifically after becoming a mom I really wanted to find another female entrepreneur mom who's been able to find success and be successful and still have balance not working all the time but having balance and so I'm looking for that person if I can find her maybe we can even mentor each other my action step for this was actually to film this article and put it out into the world thatI'm looking for this person so if you're rewatching and you might know someone or be that person I would love to connect with you so this was my action step for that and then my other relationship goals are I just moved to Austin Texas and I'm trying to meet other ladies and slowly started to meet these late ladies a couple of months ago but we want to try to set up close enough relationships where we can have some fun night fun nights out I don't know if we can do that right now because of social distancing but we can definitely check in weekly on a group text and soI've been trying to make sure I keep stoking that new relationship so the little flames out so here's what I want you to create three different sheets inner circle outer circle relationship goals and begin to organize these into named goals and actions remember even small steps can help to strengthen your relationships a simple text sending a gift checking in with someone all those baby steps help build connection one thing that was secretly working on at science people is a relationship planner diary to actually help you level up your relationships so if you're interested in checking that out and seeing our progress getting on the waitlist once we launch it go to science of slash relationship- management and we will give you a little tutorial of what that's gonna be like in the meanwhile I hope this article helped I hope that you'll create your relationship spreadsheet and start strengthening the relationships with the people who matter to you.

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