Seven Weird Things Girls Seriously Find Attractive About Boys

 Seven Weird Things Girls Seriously Find Attractive

Author: Angela (gravaxnews writer)

This article is gonna change your life in a world where the weirdest things you door oddly attractive to girls but let out gotta go no worse if you're new to my site gravaxnews I'm deeply sorry for that weird intro um they're always strangest I'm angela if you're new make sure that you subscribe new year say me new here. what okay let's get into the article these are gonna be about seven Weird things girls seriously find attractive,

  1.  so enjoy number one Oh number one yes the first one is when a guy rolls up his sleeves and shows his forearms these guys I think it is the sexiest thing a muscular forearm strength dominance security I just like love I just I feel like I'm with a bodyguard I feel like I'm with a man guys I just want to say also I'm not crazy Bal of the veiny arm if you have one sorry you're fine but for me, it's not something I'm like give me a guy with veiny arms or I'll dieI'm good so don't strive for a veiny arm you care what I think but I know some girls really love it and that's weird so that's weird that's number one.
  2. second weird thing that we girls find attractive is this when you wake up in the morning and you have scruffy hair and your voice is kind of croaky and it's tired and your eyes are tired and you're just being super sweet and super cuddly love that oh my god oh hi I diedI love mornings I love that like sweet little face and iit's just like oh you guys are the sweetest in the morning when yeah just in the morning it's my favorite time yeah that's guys if you've ever been asked by a girl to call her in the morning when you just wake up the reason girls like that is because your voice is just like hail hello it's like yes hey hey booth we love it so I don't know we just we think it's sexy we think it's attractive its just kind of like okay I can't explain I can't explain in any of these tips honestly I could try but I can't do justice so this also ties in with. 
  3. Number three this is a personal thing I'm sure some girls relate but guys when you wear sweatpants and a like-shirt like a tie - one oh my god I just want to cuddle up with you and watch Netflix until like 2019 I love when a guy wears long sleeve shirts I don't know what it is it maybe just me but this is my site gravaxnews so Yolo biased but um damn I'm sorry for those kids watching but um yeah it shouldn't even be watching anyways but dang it is just oh my god I don't know what it is I don't know if it's your forearms that are popping biceps but I don't know I can't explain this one either but I just think it's like really sexy it's like when a guy just as a wintry like long-sleeve sweatpants hair tie with no makeup on ya know have some like that but I don't know to make without what you will move on to.
  4. Number four is when a guy shows emotion li I don't know what what I was younger and in high school and my girlfriends would tell me that their boyfriends would cry on the phone to them to not leave them I was like dang that is kind of cute I kind of like That I'm dealing with a lot of issues um I don't know I love when a guy shows emotion it's just sexy I just know that like he's not a Rockwall the time I don't know all girls would find a moderately emotional guy kind of attractive does not mean you should cry through every difficult situation you have with a girl contain those emotions but yeah I love to see emotion being upset maybe it's here it's nice it makes me feel like I have gained power back into the relationship okay I think this one's. 
  5. Number five um I'd other weird thing that girls find attractive in a guy is like battle wounds scars this does not mean go out and damage your body but I think the reason that some girls love to see your scars there's a story behind it and experience it's like someone a girl is asking about your past like a scar is a visual representation of an experience that you've been through please do not do self-inflicted wounds I just want to preface that and say that you're better than that um but like a scar from like in falling off of a skateboard is dope it's like I'm a skateboarder this is my scar I'm dark I'm deep and you're like okay I love you and it's yeah so I don't know some girls find scars and tattoos attractive so.
  6. numbersix is freckled if you've seen my attractive things guys do like my second legit article on YouTube I talk about freckles it's my weakness I would kill for them I'm just getting fit seriously. 

number seven was gonna take number seven Oaks I'm realizing its kind of dumb but it's mesum okay it's two things I love when a guy has matching socks that are cool and the other thing is when a guy is working and not giving me the attention I know that's messed up but I don't know I just find it attractive like when he's getting stuff done I think that is I don't know it just does it for me so those were six-seven things that I find attractive that guys do I don't know how to explain I'm sure other girls find these attractive as well so I don't know if you guys want a part to give this article a thumbs up I'm trying to take it to a thousand to see she does want this article because this is not limited to six or seven I could go on for days with that being said that is the end of the article I hope you guys loved it. I love you guys thank you for being a subscriber  of my site. if you're not yet please do so and I will see you in my next article kisses.

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