How to choose lovely healthy bras from the online sites- zivame, shyaway, Myntra and colovia

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Healthy bra to wear

Question that raises in every woman mind is that, how to where bras which is great for her breasts.

 What are the best bra brand and what are healthy and unhealthy bras.

In this i am going to answer all your questions about bras,  if you still have any doubt after reading this post you may ask me by comments.

Now, firstly start with a unhealthy bras that you should have to avoid while buying from online and offline shoping market's.

Let's start with a five unhealthy bras to stay away from:

  1. wearing the wrong sized bra and even if you've got the size right chances are that it's made of materials that are really bad for you all right starting with the black list of bra types number one bras with poor support why wear a bra if it doesn't give you any support isn't that the whole point of these things anyway bras like this are really bad for your posture and back health if you have a bra that doesn't hold your chest up properly the extra weight can cause major back and neck pain since the muscles there have to work overtimetrying to keep your breasts up all daythese bras may look pretty and delicatebut their beauty just isn't worth the pain to ill-fitted bras whether your brais way too big or just a little too snug you can be sure to come across plenty of unpleasant health issues. 
  2. If your bra has cups that are too large or the band around your ribs isn't tight enough you may notice skin irritation due to the friction between the fabric and your skin that can get super painful and annoying on the other hand if you wear a bra with cups that are too small or a band that's too tight and doesn't allow your skin to breathe you can get breakouts and rashes what's worse a bra that's too tight can increase the risk of developing breast cancer in both pre and postmenopausal women according to a 2016 study conducted at the university of Brasilia to avoid these complications it's best to find a bra that's not too big not too small it should fit just right.
  3. made of 100% synthetic fabrics many of your bras and othergarments may come from manufacturersvthat use synthetic fabrics unfortunately a lot of these man-made textiles contain dangerous toxins that can cause serious health problems andvthe fact that these materials touch your breasts one of the most sensitive areas of the body is quite alarming next time you go bra shopping take the time to read the labels to see what an item is made out of try to steer clear of synthetic fabrics like polyester rayon and nylon since they're often treated with toxic chemicals look for cotton options or blends that contain more natural fabrics instead for sticky bras.
  4. If you love strapless or backless dresses and tops sticky bras may seem like a great option these bras literally stick to your breasts no straps claspsor wires necessary but what sounds like a dream come true is quite the opposite you see these bras stick to your breastswith the help of glue this glue is madewith toxin filled chemicals that aren't necessarily supposed to sit on your skin for long periods of time in addition to that this sticky material sits so close to your skin that it can't breathe that kind of close contact can cause breakouts and rashes not to mention uncomfortable sweating. 
  5. plastic bras while these bras admittedly look kind of cool and futuristic they do absolutely nothing for your breasts the plastic material allows for no ventilation what so ever which you should know by now means rashes and irritations galore plus why would you want to wear a bra that sounds like wrinkling plastics everytime you move now that you know what bras are bad for you.

Here, is a list of nine healthy bra that you should have to buy for daily use.

  1. it's time to get familiar with the kinds of bras you should be wearing one full support bras for larger chested women if you have a larger chest good even support is key so obviously full support bras are the way to go here not only do they cup you perfectly with minimal side spillagethey also have thicker straps that hold your breasts up this takes the stress off your shoulders neck and back these bras are great for everyday wear. 
  2. especially-shirts to front closure bras front clasp bras open and close from the front instead of the back hence the name while this feature offers no benefit shealth-wise it's a little easier to take on and off since you don't have to stretch your arms behind you to unclaspit plus they're just as comfortable as other everyday bras and they add a nice spice to your brow routine.
  3. sports bras if you exercise you know the magic that is sports bras these bras provide great support for your breasts as you jump and move around sports bras keep every thing in place during excessive movement which can prevent sagging in the future this is because breasts contain ligaments that can break down from constant or excessive movement which is what causes sagging genetics and gravity also play a role in how much a woman's breasts will sag over time but it's always a good idea to prevent it from happening.
  4. if you can for racer back bras racerbback shirts can look really cool and they put a fun fashionable twist on any outfit but having your bra straps hanging out can really ruin your look racer back bras when they're the right size not only provide great support but their strapsare also perfectly hidden under a cute Razorbacks shirt and women with both larger and smaller breasts can find pretty and supportive bras in this style.
  5. push-up bras if you're really looking to push everything up and closer together well I'm sure you understand that the push-up bra is the way to go these bras have an extra layer of padding in the bottom half of the cup this padding gives your breasts a nice lift and boost its support since they hug close to your body yes proper support can look good.
  6.  minimizer bras and if you're going for the opposite effect of a push-up that isa smaller look to the breasts then you'll want to minimizer bra this can be helpful for larger chested women whose big cup size can be a source of insecurities inconvenience and even pain these bras hug the breasts close to the body which like a sports bra provides great support and helps prevent saggingband muscle strain.
  7. strapless bras depending on whoyou askwomen have mixed opinions about strapless bras since they don't have over the shoulder straps they don't provide the necessary support that larger chested women mean that's why strapless bras are usually better for smaller to medium sized breasts givent hat they provide minimal support but they really do come in handy when it comes to wearing sleek strapless dresses and tops.
  8. bullet bras if you love the vintage look then bullet bras may beright up your alley these bras were the norm back in the 40s and 50s and they were made to give the breasts a point to your shape larger chested gals likethese bras for their great support and fantastic coverage.
  9. Convertible bras if practicality is your name then the convertible bra is your game convertible bras allow you to get multiple styles in just one bra whether you're wearing a halter top a plain old tea or a racer back convertible bras let you manipulate the straps to match whatever style you're going for and if you get the right size bra with good coverage a convertible bra can be a real life saver which bad or good bra style surprised you the most let us know what you're thinking in the comments below show your support by giving this article a thumbs up sharing it with your friends and clicking subscribe to stay on the brightside of life.

Last words best online site's to buy bra:

  1. Zivame: one of the best site to buy bra and lingerie.
  2. Shyaway: great site which offers bra and lingerie at very cheap prices.
  3. Myntra: well known brand you can buy any woman accessories from here.

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