Signs She Loves You Deeply But Is Trying Not To Show

Eleven signs a girl loves you but is trying not to show.

Signs She Loves You Deeply But Is Trying Not To Show

Author: Alshifa (gravaxnews writer)

Are you confused if a girl loves you or not maybe she does but she's scared of you finding it out in this article we'll give you 11 signs she loves you but is trying not to show it usually when a girl likes you she gets scared to show her feelings out in the open she's shy afraid to get rejected or undecided if she's in love with you or just confused and even if a girl is outright sure she likes you she wouldn't walk up to you and confess her feelings sure you could wait when you're certain she's interested in you but what if she loses interest and what if all the while she was waiting for you to make a move so here are the signs to help you clear your head and encourage you to make the next move number.

Signs She Loves You Deeply But Is Trying Not To Show

  1. She plays the eye contact game this is the most common if not the most obvious sign that someone is into you they say eyes are the window to your soul usually girls don't want to make their true feelings obvious so they tend to look away when they catch you looking she wants to hide her feelings as long as she can but she wants to see your reactions she keeps her eyes on you .
  2. she's constantly gives you compliments even on the simplest things girl who loves you will find it hard to hold on to her feelings she won't confess but she'll find ways to make you feel wanted so whenever she gets the chance to strike up a chat with you shell look for things that will lift your spirits up.
  3. You always catch her smiling at you smiling is one friendly gesture we give it even to strangers too right well that's not the smile I am talking about it's the smile she gives off when your eyes meet or whenever you're in the middle of a conversation she smiles while looking at you she secretly adores you and her eyes will never lie.
  4. You can feel that she cares for you let's admit it the streak of emotion when she's worried when you tell her you're sick is more than just a friendly gesture she's concerned about you to shell call you or text you at least or will ask around the class or office about how you're doing. 
  5. She asks things about your life one-way conversation is a hint of no interest when questions come in the conversation it's a clear sign of a person's interest when a girl wants to know about your life she wants to have a gauge of your personality it's her way of measuring your compatibility. 
    Eleven signs a girl loves you but is trying not to show.

  6. She's following your conversation engaging in a meaningful conversation is a sign she's ready to open up a door to another level of relationship the more you talk about yourself the more she talks about hers tooshie wants it to be a two-way communication so the more she shares in the conversation the more she wants to keep your attention she'll share more and spill things about herself depending on the topic you discuss we're halfway in our discussion are these signs present with the girl you like well here's five more.
  7. Our next sign needs your keen observation your likes to become her likes as soon as she learns about your interests you might want to check if she becomes interested in them as well whether it's your favorite food music band movie or place she'll try to explore the things that you want she's after the things that you like because she loves the idea of you.
  8. She dresses according to to the preferences she thinks you like you might have mentioned a celebrity you like between conversations so don't be surprised if she shows up in class or the office wearing the same style as the celebrity that you talked about she wants to grab your attention still having doubts if she likes you let's keep going.
  9. Her friends know you you'll never be one of the topics of their girl talks for no reason girls may talk about everything under the sun and the guys they are into is one of their many topics so if you find her friends following you on social media or views your my day at least it's a strong hint that they're talking about you.
  10. She enjoys late-night talks with you after a long day at school or work she texts you or calls you because she enjoys spending time with you this way she can discuss everything with you and she wants her to be the last thing you have in mind before you sleep
  11. She shares her playlist with your music is the language of the soul and most of the feelings that we couldn't into words are saying in the lyrics you may want to listen to the song that she tells you about take time to decode some meanings from the lyrics or the inspiration of the song there might be something in it that she could relate to if it's not a playlist she's sharing with you might want to watch a movie or tv - series that she likes the idea works there too how many signs check out with your girl let me know in the comments below hope it's enough to encourage you to take the next step make sure to leave us a like so we can make more articles like this as always thanks for reading and we'll see you in the next article.

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