What does a girl see first in a boy

What does a girl see first in a boy

what else do women first noticed about a man

Hey, today we are gonna read about, what else do women first noticed about a man. So, let me you tell you the first couple of things actually noticed about a man starting with,

  1. your scent so I'm talking about our overall smell so that's gonna include your body odor so are you nice and fresh underneath your armpits or are you emitting some stinky smells as your breath is it nice and minty and fresh or is it really stinky if you're wearing cologne or some kind of fragrance really subtle or is it smacking everyone in the face as soon as I get into your general vicinity your overall smell is an indication of how considerate you are yourself as well as others moving onto.
  2. That is your hair women are going to notice if your hair is super overgrown if it's greasy or it has so wf lakes aka dandruff I call them snowflakes all over we went your hair to look like you haven't gone too long between haircuts its style appropriate whatever hairstyle you're going for and it looks clean cleanliness very important nobody wants to get near someone that has really great dirty hair moving on to.
  3. women are definitely going to notice your hands so what I mean by that is now groomed and how clean do they look so if you have hair on your hands which most do you want to make sure that it doesn't look like a gorilla it's not going to look like a werewolf you wouldn't have it nicely trimmed also you have really rough patches on there is it really dry do you have some dry spots and are your fingernails nicely trimmed and clean or are they overgrown dirty . 
  4. Is your shoes so women are definitely going to zero in on your shoes and they want to see how clean do they look are they dirty they have just scuff marks on them are they worn thin are their holes all over your shoes a really good indicator of how you conduct the rest of your life which is why it's really important that you keep them clean.
  5.  Is a personality so this is whether we are interacting with you or just observing you from afar we want to know how do you interact with other's how do you carry yourself you well-mannered what's your demeanor are you a nice person are you fun energetic shy women look past physical attributes I know it's really hard for men to understand this because you guys are very visual creatures but it's true if you have a bad personality than we do not want to be around you I don't care how good-looking or how much money you have next we're gonna be noticing your clothes so it doesn't matter what kind of style you've adopted want to see how to put together do you look it doesn't matter what kind of body type you have because women don't immediately notice that if and this is a big if your clothes are in proportion to your body so if you're wearing clothes that are proportional to you we're not going to notice any problem areas you have if you have any.
  6. is your smile so Antonio had this way further down on the list and I'm sorry but it is one of the most important things your smile can instantly make a woman and really anyone feel super welcomed and uncomfortable no and comfortable very comfortable and while we're talking about your smile we gotta talk about your teeth so you want your teeth to not have any food stuck in between them they should be clean fresh and white and,
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number list your face your future gonna notice your future features artery but your features are some noticed there's're gonna noticed there's no way around gonna notice skin clean you want your skin clean your want themed be clear you want them drops of blood your facials should have your facial your eyebrows properly so your eyebrows should you want all crazy long you want them nose-hair as well as your nose hairs you don't thing sticking out and if you have any kind of facial or facial hair again make sure it is properly trimmed so those are the first things a woman notices on a man hope you enjoyed see you later bye.

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