Five stylish ways to impress your crush girl [2020]

Five stylish ways to impress your crush girl

what's up everyone my name is George today I'm here to give you five stylish ways to impress a girl whether it's your girlfriend or a special girl at work or school or even at your gym let's face it there's a lot of competition out there so you have to set your self apart from them find that upper edge and today I'm here to give you five ways to do just that and tip.

Five stylish ways to impress your crush girl

  1. one is to be edgy are you ever watching a movie and you see that badass coming into the scene right or even in person like you meet some dude in like em that dude is definitely cooler than I am well guess what girls feel the same way when they see those dudes so let's turn these things around and make sure that that is you that they're talking about and an easy way to do that is by changing up your hair style you know try different hair styles on the mirror take some selfies and compare them later I'm always trying new things and new styles and trying to find ways to look different you've seen so many hairstyle article here on the site and I'll tell you what I'm gonna list my favorites in the description so you can go and check it out and maybe change up your hairstyle so now your hair is done it looks cool it looks edgy so what's next what else can you do to get that upper edge well maybe add something flashy to your outfit like a leather jacket or maybe go for some dope boots that really stand out you can also add a special touch to your look just by adding a couple of rings or accessories to look super edgy and different bracelets for example will make you look cooler than the other guys and if you want some daily fashion inspiration make sure to check out my instagram at Attucks Cast a because there you will find all of my outfits some grooming tips hair styling tips that will definitely help you get the ladies this then in jacket for example is obviously pretty edgy so this is something that you can wear to stand out but I will say that being edgy is not for everyone a lot of guys like to go casual and simple and that's where tip.
  2. number two comes in because tip number two is finding a perfect t-shirt this is so important and he goes for every guy out there you need a nice fitted tee in your closet there is no reason to not have a nice fitted tee in your closet alright I know that sometimes us guys we don't want to take too long shopping with finding the perfect t-shirt requires some searching and guess what it's not about the price or the brand that you're buying right it's actually quite the opposite you want to find an affordable t-shirt that you can buy multiplet-shirts in different colors of that same brand that way you're gonna end up saving money in the long run look for at-shirt that's not too tight on you but definitely not baggy if you're muscular you want to show that off the fit is the most important thing when looking for the perfect t-shirt so don't be lazy check out different brands different stores take your time there is definitely a perfect t-shirt out there for every body and once you find it you can just pair it with anything to create an amazing look that is definitely going to impress girls whether you're going for the classic t-shirt and jeans look or you just need something to wear underneath your jacket wearing a nice fitted tee will definitely get her attention so now you have the perfectt-shirt you throw on some jeans and they fit you nice as well but you're missing a key element to your out fit and that's your shoes. 
  3. I'm telling you guys shoes-shoes how many pairs of shoes do girls own way more than any guy out there right girls love shoes so they will notice yours don't wear worn-out shoes make sure they're clean and proper looking simple nice white clean sneaker scan go a long way here or even converse sneakers if that's more of your vibe as long as you're not all ragged and dirty you're safe the shoes will complete the outfit and make you feel confident about your style as a whole and as you know one of my favorites is the Chelsea boot I honestly think that when you wear Chelsea boots you automatically go for that edgy look but also it's a sophisticated edgy look which is so much better it could be suede or leather it doesn't really matter as long as it fits your out fitI'd also say that a nice pair of brown leather shoes can never go wrong al right as long as you're wearing a classy outfit the shoes will instantly make the outfit even better and more elevated and if you want free fashion information sign up to my newsletter below all right I'm gonna be sending everyone who signs up a guide of the five best sneakers of 2020 I know for a fact that girls are gonna love these shoes and sign up it's free you know it's a gift to you guys who have been an amazing part of my journey here on YouTube jumping in to tip
  4. Glasses make sure you pick up the perfect pair for your face shape picking the perfect ones can be kind of time-consuming at first so make sure you get some opinions before making your purchase all right I would suggest going into the store trying a bunch of them on taking selfies and then ask your friends for their suggestions you know if you have girls in your friend's circle that's even better make sure to ask them the right glasses are gonna make you look smarter and they're gonna give you that modern sophisticated look that girls love to keep in mind though that glasses don't go with every single outfit you own so don't try to combine like an edgy look with glasses or like athleisure with really modern sophisticated glasses they just don't mix and match tip.
  5. Five is probably the sharpest look of them all a nice tailored suit every guy needs a tailored suit in their wardrobes like it's it's an essential Ican make a whole video about how important it is for a guy to have one in their closets custom-made suits are game-changers right there's not gonna beany extra fabric on the shoulders on the arms the trousers are gonna hug your legs properly and everything is perfectly sized let's say you're invited to a VIP event let's say you're going toa wedding and there's a girl that you kind of like or you just want to look good a tailored suit is the perfect look for that occasion now I know they can be kind of expensive but here's my advice all right go to Zara Topman or H&M getan affordable suit that fits you pretty well but not perfectly and then get it tailored to make it fit like a glove and done you will look like a million dollars and that suit will look like it costs way more than it actually did most of my suits are from Indo Chino or Zara make sure to check them out and if you guys made it this far first of all thank you and second I'm gonna throw you a bonus tip all right tip.
  6. number six for some reason I have noticed that girls love it when a guy wears black there just wearing black with black wearing black make and it looks more masculine and it unevenly things of fashion the only thing that is overdoing watch out for is overdoing the black look so if you're going all black just realize that it's okay but it's an edgy look so if you're going with that then great trust me I'm telling you you're gonna look amazing and girls are gonna love your style guys thank you for reading this article make sure to hit the subscribe button below and hit the bell to become part of the gravaxnews family and notification squad and of course follow me on Instagram at casa for daily fashion hairstyle grooming and travel inspiration dick you guys so much for watching and I'll see you again soon peace.

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