Husband Wife love and romance improving tips

Husband wife: seven ways to improve your romance in a relationship 


hey everyone I'm varsha upon the--you're dating and relationship coach and welcome to today' article in this article we are going to talk about seven ways to improve your romance in a relationship if you haven't subscribed to this website  please take the time to subscribe now this is gravaxnews for you men to go confidently in the direction to attract that woman of your dreams and get that relationship that you truly desire let's get right into it. 

  • tip number one is listen to each other you have to understand that men woman want that emotional connection once you master this the relationship can be he's cake for you to be honest because we want to feel like we've been heard and when a woman doesn't feel like she's heard she starts to lose that sexual desire because a lot of times that I say emotional connections is what gets a woman to really want to form that bond with you to have sex with you and to feel fulfilled is when she feels like she's being heard so take the time to really listen to each other maybe plan a date and say hey let's go out Friday night and just catch up let's just chator let's just have dinner at home and let's just talk whatever it is take the time set a side and really listen to her and be a hundred percent present.
  • Tip  two it's talked kindly to anothernI mean this tip is just dating and relationships but remember words we can never take back and don't ever name-calling your relationships because that is just putting fire into the flame in a relationship where it goes from high to low to low to low and then it's harder to recover from the relationship so when you're upset or anything like that then stay away from those negative comments as negative words and really control yourself to hold back on those negative comments or negative words but speaking kindly to each other can be in a phrase of being when's the last time that you called your partner my love or sweet heart or honey or babe whatever it is those types of gestures can really bring back romance in the relationship if you haven't done that today. 
  • tip number three it's flirt with one another we lose sight of flirting with one another when we're in a relationship because as years go on we just get comfortable and we get used to them being there but we forgetthat we should flirt with them right someaning if she's cooking in the kitchen go behind her and gently just kiss heron the neck or just tell her something sweet in her ear tell her something sexy she might even be like what is wrong with you what are you okay but ya catch her by surprise and get her off her feet send her a voice message text or send her attacks or give her a call in them iddle of the day and tell her something flirtatious smack her but why she's cooking dinner in the kitchen or walking by in the house or you know hanging out with the kids and they just don't see you or something in the corner to make it little sneaky and and and build that anticipation just to get that time alone this helps in any relationship especially the relationships where you're losing romance tip number four is surprise each other surprise each other with little gestures let's just say there's a book that she's been wanting to read ordering on the exam Amazon and have it show up to the door and say yeah you told me you wanted to read that last week so I got it for you.
  • numbere one was listening to her right goes in to number four surprise her this is the way when you listen these things get so much easier now the time that you spend listening to her and scheduling out that time that you want to really be a hundred percent temp present you'll see that the more that that woman is heard the more she'll be open to just letting you have your time and surprising her doesn't have to be oh got to take her out and give her the subscribes travagant dinner or waste all this money no the littlest gestures is what counts that is what makes a lasting impression on a woman.
  • tip number five is keep up with your appearance if you're losing that romance and that sexual desire in your relationship how did you look when you first met her yes I know we can't cheat aging but put on a collared shirt every once in a while when you go out or and around the house put on some nice slacks and then some and a nice clean shirt do your hair wash shave clean whatever it is do something that will show change put on some Cologne and create that sexual desire so if it's something that your wife is telling you you know ten fifteen or even your partner's telling you five years from now or two years from now that she wants you to keep up with your appearance a little bit better or she wants you to like kind of dress up for her every once in a while then do it do not ignore these signals because the more you ignore these signals the less sex you're gonna have and the less that she's gonna be intrigued by you and you might just find yourself in a relationship that you no longer has any desire and then what happens is you end up breaking up or separating so do it now and especially if she's already complaining and telling you to keep up with your parents and vice versa same for her she should do the same.
  • six is understanding each other's love language there's a book called five long the five love languages by Gary Chapman which is an amazing book and it talks about how people receive love so for example if I'll receive love from affection but my partner does it and he might receive affection from acts of service me giving him affection is not going to satisfy his nurturing need for love because I need to do acts of service on him to satisfy his nurturing need for love so that is such a quality book that I advise you to read if you're in a relationship to understand how your partner really receives love I'll put the link in the description box below for you to purchase but they also have a quiz that's pretty good that I'll put inthe description box below as well for you.
  • number seven is stop paying attention to everybody else's relationship on Instagram or on social media because we don't know what goes on behind closed doors a lot of people suffer from failed relationships because they continue to compare because they think that their friends or their family members have better relationships than they do because of what their friends say or what their family members say or what they see on social media but the biggest gift that you can give to yourself in a relationship is being in the zone with you and her and listening to each other complimenting each other's needs growing building a foundation of life together holding firm to your values and building really whatever your empire is together this is the key and a healthy relationship is when two people can come together in a healthy form from with into build some thing healthy and build something bigger and better than what they've ever imagined if you liked today's article give it a thumbs up and always I love hearing from you so please feel free to comment below and if you have any other suggestions that you would like to see in a article about a relationship that you might be in please comment and tell me about a article that you would like and also what is it that you do or what is it that you can start to do if you are in a relationship right now from these seven tips that I share and as always I'll see you again in the next article and remember you are always loved,  bye for now.

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