Signs she is secretly attracted to you

Five Signs she is secretly attracted to you

By: Nawaz (co-founder of gravaxnews)

hey, you guys I begin and welcome to my newest video I'm so excited because I'm gonna be helping you guys kind of find out if a girl is flirting with you, and guys this is from my heart to yours because girls are complicated and it's annoying to kind of go up to a girl and get rejected so I'm gonna let you know if she's flirting with you if you're interested in knowing the seven sides to know if a girl is flirting with you keep reading and if you end up liking the tips make sure to LIKE this article and subscribe okay let's get started.


  1. one first approaches guys girls walking up to a guy I know that it is annoying it's kind of a big well for us we don't typically go up just spark just spark a conversation but gup to you that so you that's am probably talked's probably talked to her best friend her mom's co-worker her principal anyone to get advice whether or not she should make that first approach so great news and very important. 
  2. touching there are no personal bubbles guys girls will if girls are flirting with you they will do anything they can just to like touch you or like touch your knee touch your shoulder touch her I touch the inside back part of your mouth I'm just gonna get us girls are touchy and if we're young we will touch you we will girthy touching it easy with the touching you know like slap a guy you know where someone like these guys, okay the third sort of you know okay.
  3. third one is messing guys if a girl is messing wit of like lips like just kind of like hey Lik a semi swing with it like in assuring flirting way she's for sure flirting girls typically that we girls typically really feeling just really really feeling this she's doing a lot with here's like shows you her neck flirting simple hair touches her lips she's flirting simple guys is there pretty spay attention. 
  4. four I contact you guys okay pay attention to this tip I make a lot of eye contact to like make a guy come upto me or I'll make a lot of eye contact and then I'll just go up to a guy you know what I mean there aren't really any rules for that but the eye contact is crucial if a guy looks back at you in the same loving way girls um that's really good sign and guys if a girl is kind of like staring back at you and like a cute smiley giggly way that is flirting and she's wanting to talk to you so yeah I contact crucial this is always eye contact is like the very crucial once you get it you get it you know what I mean okay so. 
  5. five this one's a little different but it's a cry for help when a girl is kind of like wanting you to help her with something and she's kind of like help me she's kind of flirting I don't know it's a little difficult but this one I'm adding because there have been many times where I needed an excuse to just talk to a guys so it's kind of like the psychological need to feel like a hero like we us girls we're kind of like ah help me and this is a stupid situation but I need to talk to you and help me one of those ora girl may actually just need help and doesn't want to flirt so you just got to pay attention to the inter personal cues you know what I mean 6 oh ink and oh yeah that means that she pretty much thinks you're cute she's paying attention to your story she's laughing at what you're saying she's sympathizing with what you're talking about these are really important because some of us girls we kind of tune out if we're not interested so if we're giving really good responses for looking at you and the eye like oh like that's so sweet guys I'm pretty sure if you've talked to a girl like I don't know example if a guy's like yeah like I was with my little sister and you know this guy was giving her a hard time soI just went and talked to him and told him to like leave her alone and then girls like oh wait like I like that that's really nice of you like you're a good brother stuff like that like that's kind of flirting and that's kind of like you're a good guy you know so just make your own assessment okay so the last one is when she corners you like not corners you like if she corners you and talks to you in private if you're like in a blog setting or whatever and mores like an in a commit location like that just means she's wanting to get to know you more and she's pretty much flirting when ever I'm at a party I like to just talk to a guy of one-on-one she wants to know you she wants to be close to you stuff like that so that's a pretty easy way to know like hey it's just you and I in this conversation and no one else kind of thing you know and I think those are the best conversations okay guys so I hope those were some pretty good tips to understand or acknowledge when a girl is flirting with you I hope you guys have an amazing rest of your week and I will see you next Thursday.

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